Sleepy Creek Closing? April 15 2019

Yes, we are closing our doors. However this site will remain open until the last trap is sold. So if you can't find it elsewhere, check for it here.  

Tight Chains my friends!

#4-½ Long Spring OS November 03 2016

With the western US being inundated with wolves and mountain lions, Sleepy Creek has come with an affordable solution.  We've taken this heavy duty long spring and modified it with 2/0 twist link chain, heavy inline shock spring, "J" hooks and swivel bodies. If you the trapper prefer a coil spring check out the Sleepy Creek #440 Nitro.

NEW - 440 NITRO October 31 2016

#4 Coil Spring Offset 4 x 4

We've taken a well made trap, beefed it up and made it affordable.  Heavier Dog, and 4 (.148 dia springs), comes with D-ring only (chain assembly sold separately).

We designed this trap for Wolf, Cats and Coyotes. Explosive is all I can say about this new 4x4. Should bust through just about anything, maybe even hold a 4-wheeler if it gets caught.

#6 GRIZ Bear Trap February 25 2016

Sleepy Creek is no longer producing the #6 Griz Bear Trap.

Mini Traps January 27 2015

Mini Traps will no longer be produced.  What we have available is all there is.